A suite of digital marketing solutions to manage customer communications, employee training, consumer education and research analysis.

Harland Clarke

B2C Marketers

In 2011, consumer email accounts represented 75% of worldwide mailboxes — The Radicati Group, Inc., Email Statistics Report, 2011-2015

We’re truly living in the “connected” age, and the widespread adoption of digital communication ensures that consumers—your customers—are never out of reach. B2C marketers who work with Harland Clarke Digital are well-equipped to drive sales by getting the right information in their customers’ hands at the right time through the right channel.

From foot traffic to virtual traffic, the targeted marketing campaigns powered through Harland Clarke Digital do more than just deliver a message—they build a relationship.

Build relationships by providing value:

Get connected, and stay connected with your customers. Talk to Harland Clarke Digital to find out how.