A suite of digital marketing solutions to manage customer communications, employee training, consumer education and research analysis.

Harland Clarke

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

You might not have enough chairs for the Harland Clarke Digital team in your office, but our campaign management services are the next best thing. We understand the challenges of managing a digital campaign start-to-finish, and have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes in a variety of capacities to keep their marketing engines running smoothly.

Maybe your marketing department is suddenly short-staffed due to employee turnover, maternity leave, transfers, etc. Maybe you’re less comfortable with specific elements of your campaign management that you’d rather entrust to trusted professionals with a wealth of past experience from which to draw. Or maybe you want those trusted professionals to step up and take on the bulk of responsibility in a full-service engagement. No matter your situation,

we'll take care of it.
Harland Clarke Digital is available to serve as an extension of your marketing team.

Campaign management services include:

  • Message assembly, testing and QA
  • SMS keyword and auto-responder assembly + testing
  • Form/Survey assembly + testing
  • List import/management, segmentation and filter creation
  • Subject line + creative testing (A/B split, Multivariate testing), optimization
  • Campaign deployment, delivery monitoring, list hygiene
  • Metric analysis and reporting

From the seed of a marketing idea to the hard numbers showing campaign ROI, Harland Clarke Digital can help you fill in the blanks or completely take the reins. In any capacity, a team of digital marketing experts is never a bad thing to have on your side.

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