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Harland Clarke

Government Solutions

Multi-mode surveys for employee satisfaction.

Research & Insights supports the governments’ need for surveys and other data collection projects, both directly to the government, and through third party survey research companies.

Our organization has been providing survey support for over 40 years:

Large paper based scannable surveys - Survey design, printing, personalizing, mailing, receiving, scanning, creating a data file or a set of comprehensive reports to the clients’ specifications.

Web–based surveys - Design, sending out invitations, hosting, monitoring, collecting responses, creating a data file or a set of comprehensive reports.

Telephone surveys - Large secure call center capability for Computer–Aided Telephone Interview (CATI) surveys. 

Mixed mode - Any of the above method, separate or together, with the ability to insure that only one response is counted and a comprehensive data file is created from all methodologies.

FISMA security is in place and annually audited by the IRS. Your data is handled is a secure manner protecting both data and respondents.

Past and Current customers include: IRS, BLS, CMS, HUD, NIH, USPS, SSA, VA, Navy, DOD Health Care.

Detailed project Summaries available upon request. We have a GSA MOBIS schedule – GS-10- 0279-U (through 2018)

Government Solutions

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