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Email Campaigns

The SubscriberMail® platform from Harland Clarke Digital has been used by world-class organizations to power email marketing communications across the globe since 2001. This web-hosted marketing solution offers a variety of message creation options that make it ideal for users with or without HTML coding skills.

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Here are a few features we’re sure you’ll love about SubscriberMail:
  • Rep-level content personalization (broadcast messaging with a 1-to-1 feel)
  • Dynamic list filters (use your customer profile data to increase relevance)
  • Real-time reporting (just send a message and watch the numbers grow)
  • Automated campaigns (set it and forget it)

There is plenty more to see at SubscriberMail.com


In addition, Harland Clarke Digital offers an extended version of the SubscriberMail platform called SM:Enterprise, which leverages patented technology to provide a controlled environment for email programs involving multiple business units (such as resellers, branches, divisions, etc). Features include hierarchical content distribution, overview reporting, frequency caps, and much more. Learn more about SM:Enterprise

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