A suite of digital marketing solutions to manage customer communications, employee training, consumer education and research analysis.

Harland Clarke


Multi-channel marketing productsMarketing Automation:
Harland Clarke Digital's marketing automation technology empowers marketers to create and execute data-drive campaigns across multiple channels.

Email Campaigns:
The SubscriberMail® platform from Harland Clarke Digital has been used by world-class organizations to power email marketing communications across the globe since 2001.

Mobile Campaigns
Harland Clarke Digital brings you mobile marketing solutions that puts your brand in the pockets, purses and palms of mobile users everywhere. 

Local/Social Content
Local content management technology, SiteAxys, manages web pages and social media profiles to help capture local traffic.

RegEase solution will help your financial institution meet the requirements of Regulation E through multi-channel communications and opt-in forms.

Employee Training
Your financial institution faces many challenges in today’s competitive marketplace, but compliance requirements and staff training can be easy with Harland Clarke Digital's Online University education solution.

Consumer Education
Consumer Education from Harland Clarke Digital is a collection of more than 40 online training modules designed to teach financial literacy and consumer awareness to your account holders.

Email Notifications
From order confirmations to abandoned shopping carts, monthly statements to low account balance alerts, transactional email notifications help organizations provide an attentive level of service through digital channels. 

Email Archiving
Using SM:Vault, organizations can retrieve previously sent marketing emails with certainty that they are viewing an exact copy of what was sent on the date in question.